Blended Nursing Degrees Help Bridge Gaps

these have been pretty welll unprescedented times, as we’ve been told thousands of times by experts, politicians and pundits.  The coronavirus tjhat’s been plaguing us since March 2020 has caused such a catastrophic change in how healthcare has been delivered that now nursing is the numbr one need for career choices.  To get to the governments aim of of 50 thousand new and fully qualified nurses within the time scale, there needs to be a massive shift in how folk get this training – many students are not university age, they are already working parents who now want to use previous degree towards healthcare and nursing.    Being able to help such a student would be to offer an innovative blended nursing bachelor’s degree from an existing BSc.  This will facilitate a student reaching Registered Nurse status.  One university,  particularly well known in the field of nursing degrees, has offered up one such blended course and gained full approval of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of England.  Their aim is to assist as many students as possible to launch a rewarding career in the field of nursing they choose.