Training Consultancy Needed To Get Real

There’s only one thing that’s very annoying about training courses provided by one consultancy house – they will insist on supplying their own training staff.  In itself, that’s a very obvious idea, but they can be very patronising to the colleagues taking the training.  At least with the online courses, they are well out of the way in the back room!  A company I used to work for had a training agency on board to produce the course materials and set the framework of the training exercises.  This was before the advent of online training courses but the principle is similar – a bunch of folk who are individually very clever about computerised anything . . . . . .  it doesn’t always mean they can transfer their skills to the class room.  Whereas they can put all their knowledge into the online training – if they ask the client, it can be seen that their expertise in presenting training remains high.

Learning To Manage Via Training Software

I can so well remember as a junior civil servant, many of the mandatory training courses we used to endure.  In the early days, it was a matter of the training team coming to our offices –  those considered by their line managers as being better at knowledge sharing.  They would undertake a short course themselves on how to teach others and off they went.    Later these teams were disbanded when the training was reorganised as a multi stream online package.  I was one of the testers for much of the new programmes.   the actual subjects covered were many and varied but for me the most successful were those with humour and helpful cartoon like presenters – with multi choice push button answers.  We noted that more colleagues actually listened to the point of the training if it wasn’t dull or childishly easy.   My mantra was always  ‘If a manager can understand me and complete the course then so will their team’.

Learning From The Third Age And Back Again

The most amazing thing these days about having a laptop or desktop computer is the ability to learn about anything and everything.  I was discussing this very subject with some youngsters recently – one of them had been moaning about the high amount of homework he’d been given to complete during his holiday from school.  These two young folk were wondering how I knew so much about everything – very flattering, but I did remind them that I have learned much of this fantastic stuff since leaving school and generally living.  Every time I switch on a quiz or look at a web site, I’m absorbing knowledge.  I encouraged the lads to look up the subjects they were not enjoying and see what additional resources they could locate online.  E-education and training comes in all shapes and sizes.  Reviser courses and complete modules are out there to be grabbed and devoured by all ages at any time!

Leaving Safety of School For The World of Work

Whilst discussing future career options with a young lass, it became obvious she had only one idea in her head.  She wanted to leave school altogether and just start earning.  No idea whatsoever of how she wanted to earn her keep.  I reminded her that she has a good 50 years ahead of her in which to earn a crust.  But bored with anything remotely associated with school or learning, she opted to work in a chain store.   This is all so different to the days when I had to leave school.  I was sad.  I loved learning and wanted more! I would have been such an avid joiner of online learning courses – anything with IT attached is of interest.  I applied to the military and trained as medical secretary.  The training of course was fantastic.  It stood me in good stead throughout my life.  Imagine having IT courses back then – fantastic!

Well Written Courses Make For Enjoyable Training

Having the ideas to promote a training course is one thing – knowing what would be a useful aide to folk doing a particular job for example.  Many a time I have thought of useful ways to improve how I’ve had to approach a job that started with someone else’s instructions.  By trial and error you get to the end but next time do things differently to cut speed etc.  The same with designing training courses – you know what you want to describe but it needs specialists to turn that into a working model.  That is why some of the online training schemes and e-education programmes are so fantastic now.  They are written by programmers who know exactly how courses should look and what should happen when you select your ansswer etc.  Having well written, good quality online training course makes it enjoyable, ensuring candidtates complete the training and achieve their absolute potential.

From Doe Eyed to Hard Edged – Arty Extremes

It can  be so confusing trying to decide on a useful money making but essentially ethical means of earning a living.  Whatever idea a youngster has, there is a world of diffence in seeing a booklet at school in the career’s office, and being able to actually see someone doing that very job and be able to ask them about the next forthcoming job.  I have this situation around me here at hmoe..   One grand daughter is particularly good at art.  She has all sorts of arty note pads dotted around the home and they all contain the latest rough sketch.  Recent themes have included  impossibly doe eyed lap dogs complete with equally doe eyed owners to stark industrial machinery with rough edges and the chaps standing around with their local union negotiator taking umbrage at the dire conditions down there.

Geographic Differences No Bar For Advancing That Career

It doesn’t rally matter where we are in the country – be it north, south, east or in fact, the west – as far as the eye can see maybe.  The need to take fully supported training for a career or specific focused role will crop up at some time or other.  It is very easy to sit back comfortably at home and think that the job you do is the be all and end all of our life’s achievement possibility.  But with some careful planning and research, it is possible to find the most fantastic array of online learning courses.  These allow you to spread the learning over as long a period as your feel you need.  This will often be governed by external forces like other family comitments and funding.  Today there are so many ways to get help – sometimes grants are for the choosing.  Employers will often chip in if they see potential in a candidate.

Needing Managers To Retrain And Relocate

I worked as a civil servant for many years – attached to a provincial office for the point of contact and having a base but my job took me all over the country to various cities.  For long periods I was responsible, with four others, for testing a brand new system being developed to create a paperless operating system within our ministry.  The departmental trainers had not been involved, much to their anger and disbelief.  Much to ours as testers too – knowing how something is supposed to work and knowing how to train folk to make it work that way are completely different things.  It was a disaster and of course, despite much work on the e-learning programme, the Learning Management Software was not developed at the same time as the product so the managers were completely out of the loop.  Getting the online learning tools in place at the front was so overlooked!

South West Not So Slow In Catching Up

There was a time when belonging to anything down the south west of the country would never be taken very seriously.  Even in this hi tech world of e-commerce, e-learning, online education and everything associated with it.  The gloriously laid back countrylife style of talking and living makes it seem as though the only world of work worth reckoning is that in the big smoke i.e. the City.  But as has been proven by many a celebrity, there is much business and commerce alive and well down in the western corner.  Online education courses are available for every possible career and vocational ones are hot on the must have list for students.  Being nationally online, any educational system can provide national and localised training to suit every location, industry or service type.  No limitations on learning mean a very fluid and effective workforce can be available at any time.

Bridge Gaps In School Attainment With Online E-Learning

Everyone in this country has a really good opportunity for education – there is no doubt about it.  The only thing stopping any child or person from achieving their maximum is a lack of ambition and family circumstances.  The school system itself is so well grounded that every child matters, so long as the authorities/school knows about them and where they are, who is responsible for them.  When a family breaks down, as sadly is often the case with a succession of partners coming and going from the family home, this will inevitably cause break down of communication and lack of co-ordination in the child’s life.   To ensure the child keeps in any loop, it is possible for e-learning and online education to be provided, home schooling using such courses can really help to bridge the gap and stop it becoming a ravine.  Knowing where to intervene and ask questions is something that needs a delicate approach.