Designing Learning Environment For Online

There are many varied and wonderful names for the different e-learning and training platforms available today.   No longer do we have a training manager with one or two side kicks who take up an inordinate amount of your working day reading out the ‘how to do’ sections of the employee operational manual.  Things have most definitely moved on a tad.  There are VLE systems which to you and me is Virtual Learning Environment and LME, in English : Learning Management Environment both of which take a company training requirement and make it fully accessible by all members of the staff for their particular sector and where they are totally absorbed in that learning process during the task allocated time slot – the learning is controlled and measured.    The software is custom designed to suit each company – ensuring only the required effort is required and no extraneous interests are entered into.  Even the government has introduced a fully comprehensive online learning platform for children – all of whom are in total school lock down.