So Many New E-Ways To Absorb Training

The history of learning and teaching pupils anything at all has of course been around since the ealiest cave men.  Those first few tentative lessons on how to hunt, prepare an animal, build houses etc. were the very basics and although we have moved on many centuries, the principal is still the same.  Knowledge is presented in a format conducive to the candidiate’s learning capability and if they work hard, that knowledge will be fed into the candidate via e-learning.  They can utilise a laptop, palm top, even mobile phone.  Prior to having internet, many students coudl only rely on manuals, CD-ROMS and a gammit of other somewhat restrictive methods of learning and training.  These are so one dimensional – you can’t easily check into a point for further information, it has to be manually located in the index.  Exasperating, now that we’ve had internet and instant access to any subject.  The focused learning tools in e-learning make this much smarter and such good value for money.