Toddler Training Takes On A Whole New Meaning

I have been following the progress of a very young great niece.  She will be leaving toddler hood this  year after what can only be described as the terrible twos big time . . .  This wee lass attends a very good day nursery every weekday morning and at lunch time her grandmother collects and takes her back to her house.  The nursery  enjoys a very good inspection reputation and is very popular so there is always along waiting list for places.  Rather like the best fee paying schools.  Just being on the list is quite acceptable.   The lass in question has had to adapt to life with her father aroud.  However, this has not affected her speed of learning.  This little child is one of those delights you come across occasionally – she absorbs learning of all sorts.  Songs are memorised after first hearing and her reading skills are progressing nicely – what is more remarkable is the way she tries out all new things offered – she has a baby version of a keyboard and can pick out the letters to log on to her favourite learning channel.  Starting them young is definitely the key!