Who Worried If The Trainers Ever Got Trained

Those supplying learning platforms are generally very professional and experienced in the field of education supply.  This might be in the world of vocational, career based training outlets, or supplying through government agencies and departments.  At one time the civil service had their own teams of staff training operatives.   I well remember going on the first of several training courses to learn the new case officer roles our department were moving over to.  It was years ago and the training was carried out by fome folk who had not actally done the job in earnest themselves for many years.  From my experience, these in-house trainers were the colleagues  who had a good reapport wtih colleagues and managers and managed to get themselves a reputation for being useful . . . .  They would then be encouraged to apply whenever a training supplier post became available.  There was never any requirement for them to be trained to become the trainers.  Today this is so different all trainers need to have qualifications/diplomas proving their credentials to offer themselves as trainers.