Working In Education But Not By Teaching

I can think of several friends who have thought about working in schools at some time or other.  Usually whilst their own offspring were going through those crucial ten or twleve years.  It’s often considered an ideal route to having all the school holidays off at the same time as them.  No so often do folk sit down and actually think about all the different careers available within schools and education that do not involve taking a teaching degree and presenting lessons.    Lots of ladies do indeed get into eduation via the school assistant route – be that teaching or class room assistant or via the office ina bursar’s or Head teacher’s PA.   One stream that is becoming more and more important is helping with special needs.  There are some amazing online courses and e-learning resources for Autismn in Schools or ADHD.  The schools regime these days seems to have to deal with issues far beyond those in my day – in fact parents were expected to deal with many bahavoural issues but today there us Online Management software to cover challenging behaviour in youg people and child psychology courses are invaluable for schools.